My guilty pleasure

My guilty pleasure

How Amsterdam got rid of the Nazi stop signs OK. I confess. I have a guilty pleasure. Whenever I can, I look at a particular type of videos on the Youtube channel: Amsterdam, not just bikes. It makes me feel proud of the city I live in. Even though I had no part in the way Amsterdam was built.  The short movies are made by someone who grew up in a suburb in Canada, and now lives in...

I panicked when the director said: what did you do with Samantha?

Ewald, what did you do with Samantha ?

I am a big white clumsy male. And I visit at least 10 different charity organizations per year. When I am in a meeting, I do my best to keep doors open. And I'm careful not to get too...

Never cut a teenagers’ nails too short

A shortcut to a harmonious transformation My grandfather was heading for a childless marriage with his first wife, until he impregnated their housekeeper. He then divorced Mrs Verhoog nr. 1 and married the housekeeper. They had 4 children; one...

Become an unchained fundraiser

20 kilo’s of scrap in my calves

In my abrasive rugbyshorts and a heavy rain-absorbing sweater, I started my first marathon in Rotterdam.As naive as I was, I thought I could run my first marathon in just over 3 hours. We were 3 heavy tall guys....

Yak shaving

What does it look like I’m doing, woman?

No more Yak-shaving What does it look like I’m doing, woman? Saturdaymorning, 10.23 a.m. This morning, I wanted to hang our new salmon-pink curtains in the bedroom. I quickly found out that I first had to replace the curtainrails....

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